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Welcome to Liontrust Insights, where you can discover the latest investment views and ideas of our experienced fund managers. 

Here you can read about, watch and listen to our fund managers’ latest views on and insights into economies, markets, sectors, companies and their funds. To receive regular insights and updates from our fund management teams by email, please register here.

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Liontrust Insights - Article
Sector review: A positive case for the UK
Jen Causton, 4 March 2021
While global stock markets hit record highs in 2020, the FTSE 100 Index suffered a 14% decline. Jen Causton explains why the Liontrust Multi-Asset team see the UK as a strong bounceback candidate this year and which funds they favour to benefit from this. Read more
Liontrust Insights - Article
Why high yield bonds are an evergreen asset
Donald Phillips, 1 March 2021

Despite recent rises, government bonds still offer historically low yields. Donald Phillips explains how high yield bonds can provide extra income and ways in which investors can seek to minimise default risk. Read more

Liontrust Insights - Article
Russia: generating growth drivers beyond energy
Thomas Smith, 26 February 2021
The Russian economy has weathered the pandemic better than many other countries and is making good progress in its vaccination drive. Thomas Smith highlights how investors can benefit from the country’s stability and the broader growth across the economy, including the burgeoning technology sector. Read more
Liontrust Insights - Article
Goodbye to an old friend – GW Pharma to leave Sustainable funds after 20 years
Peter Michaelis, 26 February 2021

One of the longest held companies in the Sustainable Future funds is to exit the portfolios with the acquisition of GW Pharma completing in Q2. Peter Michaelis explains how this innovative healthcare business encapsulates what the team look for in sustainable companies. Read more

Liontrust Insights - Article
The Year of the Ox: Three themes for growth in China
Ruth Chambers, 19 February 2021
As China has moved from the Year of the Rat to the Ox, the economy is growing at a similar rate to pre-Covid-19 and life has largely returned to normal in much of the country. Ruth Chambers highlights three areas that can drive growth for China over the year ahead. Read more
Liontrust Insights - Article
Stonks, GameStop and Robinhood – a brave new world of investing?
John Husselbee, 9 February 2021
With a struggling video game retailer at the vanguard of major changes to the investment industry, John Husselbee examines what the GameStop revolution could mean for the future of financial markets. Read more
Liontrust Insights - Article
Six small cap stocks investing in growth for 2021
Alex Wedge, 5 February 2021
Companies used stock market listings to access capital for emergencies or to fund acquisitions and investments for growth in 2020. Fund manager Alex Wedge highlights six small and micro cap stocks whose 2021 prospects have been boosted by significant recent investment. Read more
Liontrust Insights - Article
In a world of negative interest rates can bond investors still expect positive returns
David Roberts, 2 February 2021
Global bond yields have been falling for decades, so much so that G7 bonds would now provide you with a negative real return. David Roberts explains how taking a flexible approach to current bond markets can take advantage of the investment opportunities available. Read more
Liontrust Insights - Article
How to find real yield in 2021
John Husselbee, 29 January 2021
John Husselbee looks beyond traditional asset classes to evaluate the role of real assets in providing income in a low yield environment. Read more
Liontrust Insights - Article
Are we wasting energy by looking for eurozone inflation?
David Roberts, 28 January 2021
With the recovery in energy prices set to feed through to higher inflation, David Roberts asks whether the ECB will drop any of its ultra-loose monetary policies. Read more

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