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Welcome to Liontrust Insights, where you can discover the latest investment views and ideas of our experienced fund managers. 

Here you can read about, watch and listen to our fund managers’ latest views on and insights into economies, markets, sectors, companies and their funds. To receive regular insights and updates from our fund management teams by email, please register here.

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Liontrust Insights - Article
Finding diversification beyond commercial property
Shayan Ratnasingam
With long-standing concerns around many open-ended property funds, Shayan Ratnasingam discusses the benefits of Real Assets as an alternative source of diversification, income and potential inflation protection. Read more
Liontrust Insights - Article
Why we think the market is wrong about long-term rates
David Roberts, 11 November 2021
With many central banks on the brink of raising rates, the bond market seems to be shouting that this is a mistake through a yield curve which prices in a reversal of any rate rises. The Global Fixed Income team disagrees – David Roberts explains why. Read more
Liontrust Insights - Article
Evaluating our transition into value
Samantha Gleave, 10 November 2021
During the Covid-19 market turmoil, the Cashflow Solution team began adding deep value stocks to their portfolios. Eighteen months on, Samantha Gleave reflects on the success of this strategy and looks at how the value rally may now evolve. Read more
Liontrust Insights - Article
India: the compelling investment case in emerging markets
Ewan Thompson, 26 October 2021
India suffered widespread disruption through the pandemic yet has been one of the top-performing stock markets over the past year. Ewan Thompson discusses what has driven these strong returns and the reasons why he is confident that India will offer an attractive investment going forward. Read more
Liontrust Insights - Article
In defence of the UK market
Anthony Cross, 21 October 2021
Some high profile private equity takeovers and recent underperformance has cast the UK stock market in a negative light. However, Anthony Cross believes the UK market continues to be home to a number of exciting companies and a resurgence of new entrants are providing fresh investment opportunities. Read more
Liontrust Insights - Article
How to create stagflation
David Roberts, 20 October 2021
Stagflation has emerged as one of the principal threats facing markets. David Roberts explains why risks of stagflation have risen recently and what implications it could have. Read more
Liontrust Insights - Article
Good COP or bad COP – energy transition will still power on
Mike Appleby, 13 October 2021
While expectation is rising for the imminent COP26 event, whatever happens in Glasgow the impact of the energy transition will continue. Mike Appleby highlights the key developments for investors. Read more
Liontrust Insights - Article
Is there value in bond markets?
David Roberts, 12 October 2021
Investors may be asking if there is any value left in the bond market as concerns about inflation and tightening monetary policy have created a tough environment. David Roberts highlights the factors the Global Fixed Income team consider when searching for value and where to look in the current environment. Read more
Liontrust Insights - Article
The active argument: patience required
John Husselbee, 19 October 2021
John Husselbee responds to new research from Vanguard entitled Patience with Active Performance Cyclicality, discussing its key findings and why it reiterates one of our core messages: the importance of consistency of investment process. Read more
Liontrust Insights - Article
Gross exposure hits highest level since launch
James Inglis-Jones, 30 September 2021
The Liontrust GF European Strategic Equity Fund’s gross market exposure has been increased to a record level. James Inglis-Jones highlights the compelling investment conditions the long/short strategy is now calibrated to target. Read more

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