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Our vision

Our vision, objectives and brand values

Our vision, objectives and brand values

Our vision is to be one of the leading fund management companies in the UK and internationally, renowned for consistently adding value to clients’ investment portfolios.

We will attain this vision by achieving the following strategic objectives:

  • Strong long-term performance
  • Effective distribution
  • Excellent customer service and support
  • Clear and regular communication
  • Taking appropriate risk
  • Running a profitable business

The values that guide us at Liontrust are:


Our fund managers have the courage of their convictions in making investment decisions. They are truly active fund managers and our funds are not constrained by needing to have exposures relative to benchmarks and sector weightings. In some funds, there will be 0% weightings to particular sectors.


Liontrust is an independent business with no corporate parent. Our fund managers are independent thinkers. There is no house view at Liontrust, with our fund managers having the freedom to manage their portfolios according to their own investment processes and market views.


We have pride in our culture. How a fund manager performs is not just down to the talent of the individual or team but also to the culture and environment in which they work. Creating the right culture for fund managers to perform has been a central tenet of Liontrust since the company was launched in 1995. We have created an environment in which fund managers can focus on running money and not get distracted by other day-to-day aspects of running a fund management business, particularly administration. Another aspect of the Liontrust culture is that fund managers invest in funds they run, which shows a belief in and a commitment to their investment processes and fellow investors.


We believe investment processes are key to long-term performance and effective risk control. Our processes are robust, scalable and repeatable and are documented, which has advantages for Liontrust, fund managers and, most importantly, our investors. Staying true to a documented process helps to create an in-built risk control, especially in more challenging environments, by preventing managers from buying stocks for the wrong reasons. Documenting an investment process and having it reviewed internally on a regular basis at Liontrust is a good discipline to go through. This prompts fund managers to review all aspects of how they manage money. This also means you, as an investor in our funds, know exactly how each team will manage your money. This helps you in blending our funds with others within your investment portfolio. We believe that good and robust processes have the potential to deliver excellent long-term returns.


We empower members and employees to take on responsibility and to be accountable for their decisions, actions and behaviour. Members and employees are rewarded for taking on responsibility, being innovative and showing initiative.


We aim to treat every investor, client, member, employee, supplier and other stakeholders fairly and with respect at all times. We aim to provide investors and clients with exceptional service and support at all times.  We place treating investors and clients fairly as one of our principles for business and at the cornerstone of the group’s efforts to ensure investors and clients get a fair deal. We are committed to the Principles of Treating Customers Fairly (TCF) and they are central to how we conduct business across all our departments and functions.


We strive to communicate clearly and frequently with investors and stakeholders, regularly updating them on the performance of each of our funds and portfolios, the effectiveness of the investment processes as applied to each of our funds and portfolios and the progress of the business as a whole. This is a key part of our objective of being as transparent as possible with all investors, clients and stakeholders. 

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