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Our vision

Our purpose and brand

Our purpose

Our purpose is to have a positive impact on our clients, stakeholders and society. We aim to achieve this by providing the environment which enables our fund managers and staff to flourish, helping our clients achieve their financial goals, supporting companies in generating sustainable growth, and empowering and inspiring the wider community. 


Liontrust brand

Our strong brand is based on an ethos of:


We do not follow the herd and have the courage to have independence of thought. Our fund managers have the courage of their convictions and have differentiated and robust investment processes. The business has the courage to do the right thing, make decisive decisions and to be innovative and nimble. 


We strive for excellence in our products, service and people so we can have a positive impact on clients and stakeholders. We pride ourselves on the quality of our fund management teams and the knowledge and ability of our staff across the business. We provide first-class service and are transparent about the management of our funds, portfolios and the business, communicating clearly and frequently.

Good Citizenship

We seek to be a responsible company and investor. We uphold the highest standards of integrity in all of our actions, treating staff, clients and stakeholders fairly and with respect. We are committed to contributing to and benefiting the wider society, including through sustainability, financial education, diversity and equality.

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