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How we manage your money

How we manage your money!

How we manage your money

We believe investment processes are key to long-term performance and effective risk control. Our processes are robust, scaleable and repeatable and are documented, which has advantages for Liontrust, fund managers and, most importantly, our investors.

Staying true to a documented process helps to create an in-built risk control, especially in more challenging environments, by preventing managers from buying stocks for the wrong reasons.

Documenting an investment process and having it reviewed internally on a regular basis at Liontrust is a good discipline to go through. This prompts fund managers to review all aspects of how they manage money.  

This also means you, as an investor in our funds, know exactly how each team will manage your money. This helps you in blending our funds with others within your investment portfolio. We believe that good and robust processes have the potential to deliver excellent long-term returns.

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