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Storm Uru

Where can income investors go for dividend growth?

Despite a bleak outlook for income investors, Storm Uru explains that over the next decade income investing will not be about chasing yield but buying an increasing number of companies that are well-positioned to drive dividend growth for investors. Read more
Storm Uru

Three stocks for a post-vaccine world

With light at the end of the pandemic tunnel, Storm Uru highlights three companies that are in sectors challenged by Covid-19 and which he believes offer value opportunities. Read more
Storm Uru

Why income investors shouldn’t run from dividend cuts

Dividend cuts and share price falls over the past few months are presenting opportunities for income investors. Storm Uru, manager of the Liontrust Global Dividend Fund, highlights some examples. Read more
Storm Uru

Why innovation for income investing?

Storm Uru discusses the far-reaching consequences of Covid-19 for income investors. Read more
Storm Uru

Why innovation is important to income investing

Storm Uru, manager of the Liontrust Global Dividend Fund, explains how companies which are market leaders and have a culture of innovation are able to increase dividends long into the future. Read more
Storm Uru

Will the lower cost of energy fuel global growth?

The US became a net exporter of crude oil and refined petroleum products for a full month in September for the first time since the 1940s. Storm Uru explains why and what this means for the economy. Read more
Storm Uru

The tech disrupters: How 3D printing shoes has transformed the outlook for Nike

In the first of a new series from the Liontrust Global Equity Team, Storm Uru looks at sport giant Nike, how it’s embracing technological disruption and why your next pair of trainers may be 3D printed based on the latest fashion in Paris. Read more