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Multi-asset portfolios

Multi-Asset portfolios

Multi-Asset portfolios

Our Multi-Asset service aims to deliver the outcome investors expect and to help them reach their financial goals by:

  • offering a broad range of target risk and actively managed portfolios to enable investors to choose the portfolios that suit their attitude to risk, investment objectives and time horizons
  • providing the ability to switch between growth, income and dynamic beta portfolios as investors’ risk profiles and objectives change
  • enabling investors to stay in the service through the accumulation and decumulation phases of their lives
  • providing diversification across a range of different funds, fund managers, geographical regions and asset classes
  • being managed by John Husselbee and Paul Kim, who have more than 60 years of combined investment experience
  • the managers having a long track record of meeting client expectations through the management of target risk portfolios
  • the investment philosophy of the fund managers being to strive to “win over the long term by not losing”
  • aiming to keep costs to a minimum to ensure that fees and charges are competitive

Types of portfolios

Our Multi-Asset service is suitable for different types of investors because it offers a broad range of target risk portfolios, providing access to growth, income and dynamic beta.

  • Growth portfolios are designed to deliver long-term capital growth
  • Income portfolios are designed to deliver an attractive and rising level of income in addition to some long-term capital growth
  • Dynamic Beta portfolios are designed to deliver long-term capital growth at a competitive price, mainly through the use of lower-cost passive strategies

Our Multi-Asset model portfolios are available exclusively through financial advisers. If you are a financial adviser, you can find out more about our Multi-Asset services below.

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