Our People

Our People

Liontrust’s assets are our people. We are proud of the people who work at the company and we are investing in their training, qualifications and development as part of our strategy to retain talented fund managers, partners and employees. We are seeking greater diversity across the company as we believe this enhances the performance of businesses and leads to better decision making.

Staff engagement and development

Our aim is to have a stable and engaged workforce, and our average number of years’ service is greater than 5 years across the business and rises with seniority.

Average years' service

We engage with our staff at regular intervals, encourage active Liontrust equity participation and promote ownership, accountability and responsibility for their contribution to Liontrust’s success.

In February 2020, we undertook our inaugural workforce engagement survey. The overall response rate was 69%, compared to an industry average of around 60%. Our engagement index was 81%, sitting 5% above the norm (The Group has been compared against a general normative databse of survey responses from over 150 organisations, across a variety of sectors. All surveys have been conducted within the last 3 years). The survey was benchmarked against the 5 pillars of engagement: Engaging Managers; Employee Voice; Realising Potential; Organisational Integrity and Compelling Leadership - we scored above the norm for each and every pillar.

During the year, Liontrust established a Workforce Advisory Committee with representatives from across the business including two members of the Management Committee. The purpose of this Committee is to advise the Management Committee and the Board on issues relating to the workforce, ensuring all colleagues have the skills, motivation and opportunity to develop and grow.

Liontrust aims to address the needs and aspirations of all staff through greater diversity and inclusion, work-life balance and health and well-being policies and initiatives.

We are committed to providing our talented staff with opportunities to develop their capabilities. We make substantial and sustainable investments in the development of our people, and regularly review the relevance and outcomes of this training. In the last year we have switched to a new learning management system to enhance our internal training.

We also encourage our employees to take business relevant qualifications and offer support packages. Our investment professionals are required to achieve standards above the regulatory minimum with a particular focus on the Chartered Financial Analyst qualifications for investment staff.

Liontrust recognises the importance of an appropriate worklife balance, both to the health and welfare of employees and to the business. The recent move to working from home and all the associated challenges of home schooling has increased our focus on supporting employees and overcoming the challenge of maintaining our culture with additional training and communication initiatives.

Liontrust maintains a code of ethics that all staff must adhere to and has adopted the CFAI Asset Manager Code, a voluntary code of conduct to help asset managers practice ethical principles that put client interests first.

We have continued to embed our succession planning framework for directors and key executives; systematically identifying and reviewing potential successors and focusing on providing them with appropriate managerial and leadership training.

Equal Opportunities, Diversity and Inclusion

Liontrust believes that its people should be appointed to their roles based on skills, merit and performance and makes all appointments within the guidelines of its equal opportunities policy. We are committed to greater diversity, including gender, and the benefits that this will bring to the business.

We are an equal opportunities employer and it is our policy to ensure that all job applicants and employees are treated fairly and on merit regardless of their race, gender, marital status, age, disability, religious belief or sexual orientation. The Group now has a diversity policy and Senior Management and the Board believe greater diversity will enhance the performance of the business.

The Board is committed to ensuring its composition is appropriate for the business and that staff and candidates should possess the broad range of skills, expertise, industry knowledge, and other experience necessary for the effective oversight and management of the Group. We now have a formal diversity policy, and senior management and the Board believe that greater diversity across the Group will enhance the performance of the business.

As at 31 March 2020, Liontrust’s total of 163 employees/ partners was broken down as follows (incl. the Board):

 2020  Male    Female
 Employees  76  46
 5  2
 Members of LLPs  31  3

To achieve greater diversity, we have set up graduate and intern schemes which aim to attract more young women into the industry and offer employment to younger people from diverse backgrounds, where they may not have otherwise had the opportunity to start their career in the industry. We are active members of the 30% club investor group and have included support for similar levels of diversity in our voting policies for the companies we invest in.

We ensure there is a good gender mix of candidates in all recruitment, removing all male recruitment processes, providing training to staff on diversity, reviewing our policies to remove unconscious bias and encourage diversity and offering flexible maternity, paternity and shared parental leave and flexible working policies to help support staff with children.

Liontrust’s current gender balance is broadly 70:30/male:female with men predominating in more senior positions. This reflects the history of the asset management industry and is typical of the financial industry as a whole. The Board and senior management are actively seeking to address this. Senior management have been working to implement our aspirations and putting in place the strategies; the policy changes; and the culture changes that are required to address the gender balance and gap at Liontrust.

We have explicit gender diversity targets in the remuneration and performance targets of the executive directors to help ensure that change happens.

Liontrust is not required to publish its gender pay gap (the percentage male employees overall are paid more than female employees), however analysis has been carried out and it is more
than the average for the financial services sector. Although the gender pay and bonus gaps between female and male employees could be expected to gradually decline as we continue to recruit and develop senior female talent across the business both the
Board and senior management are seeking to transition the business more quickly.

Opportunities for training and career development are made equally available to all. Promotion within the Company is based on personal merit and the reasonable requirements of the job. In order to further develop the existing staff and as part of a wider learning strategy, Liontrust encourages coaching and mentoring opportunities. The development of a pipeline of talented and diverse employees through both the internship programme and through coaching and mentoring will be fundamental to increasing diversity.


We maintain a remuneration approach that promotes a strong customer centric culture, as well as risk awareness and performance with a good alignment of staff, investor and shareholder interests.

Liontrust has a remuneration policy that aims to reward staff equally for doing equivalent jobs, at an identical level of performance and experience.

All staff have the opportunity to participate in a pension arrangement. Employees are encouraged to become involved in the financial performance of the group through a Share Incentive Plan. We provide health and well-being initiatives including private medical cover, annual medical examinations to all staff and a confidential advice service.

All our staff (including cleaning staff and temporary staff) receive at least the London Living rate per hour and Liontrust does not use zero-hour contracts.

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