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Community engagement

There are three key objectives that we are aiming to achieve through our community engagement programme:

  • Raise financial awareness and literacy throughout society
  • Provide opportunities for vulnerable children and young people and promote gender equality through sport, education and finance
  • Wildlife conservation

Wildlife conservation

We have supported the Zoological Society of London (ZSL) for the past six years with their work in helping to protect the Asiatic lions in India and with the construction of the Land of the Lions exhibit at ZSL London Zoo. ZSL has been providing support and strengthening the conservation efforts of the Gujarat Forest Department (GFD). Thanks to the work of the GFD, along with the support of local communities, the population of Asiatic lions in Western India steadily increased from the early 1990s.

ZSL has been supporting the GFD in the following ways:

  • Sharing ZSL’s years of animal care expertise and equipping zoo keepers and veterinary staff at Sakkarbaug Zoo and local vet rescue teams.
  • Strengthening GFD’s monitoring of wild populations by implementing the SMART (Spatial Monitoring and Reporting Tool) approach – a standardised patrol-based monitoring method developed by ZSL and other conservation organisations.
  • Designing and enhancing the master plan as well as conservation education programmes at Sakkarbaug Zoo and local interpretation centres that will engage public support and participation in Asiatic lion conservation.

Liontrust is also supporting the Ruaha Carnivore Project (RCP), which is part of Oxford University’s Wildlife Conservation Research Unit and was established in 2009 to help develop conservation strategies for large carnivores in Tanzania. The RCP also works with local communities to reduce human-carnivore conflict. Liontrust is helping the RCP’s conservation work and initiatives with local communities and schools.

Financial education

Liontrust has partnered with Newcastle United Foundation (NUF) to launch a new numeracy programme, Financial Football. This is designed to give primary school children a head start in financial education.

The six-week programme will help to break down any barriers that children face in understanding and learning about numeracy and finance, with the aim of improving children’s understanding of money, as well as giving them the confidence to thrive in school maths lessons.

Financial Football uses the popularity and profile of Newcastle United football club to encourage primary school pupils to engage with maths problems, using real life scenarios such as buying and selling football players and paying fines for red cards, to teach concepts such as budgeting.

After a successful initial pilot at St. Catherine’s RC Primary School, the programme will be trialled in a further three Foundation partner schools, before being rolled out to a wider group in September.

Sarah Medcalf, Development Manager at Newcastle United Foundation, says: “We’re delighted to have secured funding from Liontrust to help children engage with numeracy in a fun and innovative way. It’s great that we have already seen children make huge strides forward with their numeracy skills during the pilot.”

Phillip Cowler, Literacy and Numeracy Coordinator at Newcastle United Foundation, adds: “During the pilot, it was fantastic to see the pupils engage so well with the football themed maths sessions, they’ve been so keen to get started every week.

“By using football as the basis for the maths challenges, we’ve seen pupils who generally struggle to engage with numeracy feel more comfortable about getting involved due to their familiarity with Newcastle United.

“The difference has been striking. We’re thrilled to have the support from Liontrust to expand this programme across our primary school delivery.”

Simon Hildrey, Chief Marketing Officer at Liontrust, comments: “Helping children with numeracy and delivering financial education is very important to Liontrust because these are indispensable skills for everyday life.

“Research into financial literacy has shown a large number of young people in the UK do not feel confident about handling money and it is key to help children before they reach the age of 18.

“Liontrust is proud to support Financial Football and team up with the Newcastle United Foundation to help benefit children by improving their numeracy and understanding of finance.”

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